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we are one of the rare Advertising Agencies promptly answering to the name of Integrated Communications Specialist.


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3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd. is a one-stop destination for every possible brand communications mandate.

During the times when the communication business is highly fragmented, we are one of the rare Advertising Agencies in Pune, promptly answering to the name of Integrated Communications Specialist.

So, we learn the brief. Interpret it. Unlearn it only till we ideate. Relook at it, imbibe it and then let it come to the fore in a smooth blend to capture the TG’s mind. This is a regular exercise we engage in at 3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd.

Our Growth Story


Our Growth Story
About 3Dots

Our journey as an advertising agency in Pune kick-started in August, 2015 with a philosophy that’s deeply ingrained in our DNA. And what started in Pune has now scaled up to Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the new chapter of our success story.

Seeking Continuous Growth For Our Clients

Our growth story has grown conspicuous and eloquent at every step, as we kept on evolving through a gamut of services. We have emerged as experts at handling designing, advertising and digital media. We firmly believe that our growth involves the client’s growth too as both go hand in hand... it’s so by default!

The Process
Our extended family

Connecting to various solutions providers to add more value to our clients' business.

Along with our enthusiastic and talented team members; our support team and all other associates is our extended family…the backbone that lets us stand tall and keep on striding towards unexplored terrains.

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The Process


When you understand human beings, you understand the consumer better!

The basic foundation on which we peg our work on, across brands and categories, is a solid understanding of today’s fast evolving psyche of people along with their changed perspectives and yet the incessant tug of their primitive instinct.

Next, to ensure effective advertising we exercise creativity in the brand strategy that serves a purpose. For we understand, that aimless creativity benefits none. On the other hand, a seamless blend of creativity and the client brief hits the TG in a more effective way. As a well-respected branding agency in Pune, we guide your brand to a newfound presence as your growth partners.

It helps our clients from Pune & Hyderabad achieve sharper focus in their communication and better optimization of their Advertising Rupee.

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Design is not about how good it looks. Design must have the ability to work.

In a world that’s increasingly cluttered, the role of powerful Design has become even more critical to grab the consumer’s eyeballs. Today, Design is not about how good it looks. Design must have the ability to work.

Rakesh Raisinghani Managing Director
Rakesh Raisinghani
Design can be art. Design can be simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.

Every client in business wants their products/services to have a unique identity. At 3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd., it is our sole purpose to create something so simple, yet creative that each brand stands out uniquely.

Abhijeet Mehta Creative Account Director
Abhijeet Mehta
Design is intelligence made visible

Advertising is all about making strategies look creative and making artworks look intelligent. At 3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd., we make sure that each side of our brains contributes its best every single day.

Mahesh Jadhav Creative Director - Art
Mahesh Jadhav


3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd. squad
3Dots Creative Team

Over the years we have built teams of seasoned professionals in Pune & Hyderabad that have the ability to create clutter breaking Advertising for clients.

The 3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd. squad has the ability to empower seamless 360 communication solutions for all our clients, across categories. The team takes pride in partnering with the clients in their challenges and glory.

The leadership at 3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd. is a composite of professionals, each with an average experience of 15 years.

Meet our Team
The 3 Dots Advantage

Our Ideas are inclusive. They don’t discriminate between mediums. We are well versed in Mainline, Below-the-line and Digital media. This enables us to choose the media that’s most suitable to the various needs of a particular brand or a gamut of brands of distinct nature.

We think and Understand

Media, Broadcast, Print, Activations, Regional Markets, Local Markets, Indians, India.

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