Brand Strategy
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Steady, cautious yet fast. That’s how our brand strategy and planning is. So that you get it all just in time. We run that extra mile to make you win the race!.

Advertising is backed by
Solid Strategy

We provide solutions in terms of Strategy for clients, across categories. We deploy both Primary and Secondary Research for major campaigns in order to achieve better effectiveness.

At 3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd., as a professionally efficient branding agency in Pune, we ensure our advertising is backed by solid strategy. Our expertise lies in designing a unique brand strategy for distinct brands and stringing together resources to create synergic, uninterrupted experiential value for the respective brands.

Company History


Research & Analysis

A thorough and extensive research gets us up close with the brand and a careful analysis helps us gain an insight into it.



Later, we choose which mode would suit the brand-Above The Line, Below The Line or Digital. This means creating effective advertising



We see to it that the execution is done with utmost precision and promptness. So that the end product delivers the desired impact.



Through this post –execution endeavour, we evaluate the TG’s response to the exercise. This helps us plan our next strategic move.

3600 Branding Solutions

A large spectrum of innovative media services...

We aim at building brands that lead a successful commercial lifestory and show a lot of character. Through various narratives built around a comprehensive strategy, we keep on pumping enormous energy to the brands we build. The creative solutions that we employ come from the vast gamut of mainstream & lateral media services we offer. But fundamentally, what drives us is strategy and what we deliver is...’creation of continuous communication’ coupled with proactive service.

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