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Our creativity has the power to turn your brand into pure gold. Rest assured that your brand is in safe hands-the hands with a Midas touch!

Creative Print Media Solutions
Creative Concepts Design

We combine creativity and thinking.

We have in-depth expertise across the whole spectrum of the Print Medium – Print Ads, Outdoor, Collaterals, Direct Mailers.

3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd. has a very capable team of Illustrators, Graphic Designers and Art Directors who excel in every possible Visual discipline of Advertising and Design.

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Mastering the magic of print media.

From corporate campaigns to occasional value-driven innovations that generate footfalls to project-specific launch campaigns…

Logo Design

We understand colors, fonts, identity and their significance. From naming a product to creating a logo to a signature tune, you can bank on us.

Corporate Branding

Creating and preserving multiple impressions of brand, designing brochures, affiliate literature and other core branding material.

Packaging Design

We understand how to stand out in a shelf. At 3 Dots Design Pvt. Ltd. we have a team of specialists who hold in-depth expertise in Packaging

Creative Campaigns

Our expertise lies in designing brand strategies and stringing together resources to create synergic, uninterrupted experiential value for brands.

Outdoor Advertising

From the distinct to the daring to the dramatic, we bring to the fore an entire spectrum of possibilities to help brands stand out with their OOH presence.

Environmental Branding

Site branding, kiosks all come under the umbrella of 'Environment Branding'. It’s used to fortify the effect of the communication on the spot.

3600 Branding Solutions

A large spectrum of innovative media services...

We aim at building brands that lead a successful commercial lifestory and show a lot of character. Through various narratives built around a comprehensive strategy, we keep on pumping enormous energy to the brands we build. The creative solutions that we employ come from the vast gamut of mainstream & lateral media services we offer. But fundamentally, what drives us is strategy and what we deliver is...’creation of continuous communication’ coupled with proactive service.

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